celtic witch names

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This was cool to read. My maiden name is Barnes, my paternal grandfather ( Barnes) is from North Carolina. In Celtic Wicca, faeries are honored folk who some call upon (respectfully) for assistance.

The same people they helped turned their backs on them and threw them to the wolves, so to speak. Fun Fact: Tegan is a unisex name in the U.S., but is commonly a female name in England and Wales. The names below are taken from Connecticut, Maryland, and New York witch trial documentation. Thanks! I do know that she was very old when it happened, and I found a petition that she filed some decades before for the care of a child. Rhiannon (Welsh) – One of the Celtic Goddesses of fertility, the moon, night and death. It is also the name of a Harry Potter series character. Mind you, from a practical standpoint some of those homegrown items may become dinner too! Or serbian witches? Hi kimberly my greatnan x2 was a chaney lol. The elves are one of the Elder Races, which means they're older than humans, but both dwarves and gnomes are older as a species than elves, but despite this the humans managed to conquer large parts of the continent and are at war with the elves. Fun Fact: Douglas was a powerful Scottish clan name.

In this post, we continue the database of names with accused witches in other regions of the United States, England, and Ireland. Fun Fact: In Irish mythology, Fionnula, or Fionnaghuala, is one of the daughters of Llyr who is turned into a swan for 900 years. Is it possible I could be? For example, Aine of Knockaine, a Fairy Queen in Ireland, might be invoked to help in matters of love while the God Bel might become central to a solar celebration. Fun Fact: Léan is the Irish form of Helen, which has a Greek origin. Fun Fact: Bryn can be a unisex name. Fun Fact: Luighseach name is a feminine version of Lugh, who was a mythological Irish hero. The underpinning of Celtic Witchcraft begins with deep, abiding respect, and love of the Earth.

My mother’s side is Palmer and decent of Walter Palmer the Puritan. A variation is Delinda. I really like it when individuals come together and Read our, Verywell Family uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. For example, if working a spell for grounding and foundation, the Earth element makes sense. Baby Names of Ireland 1964 - 2018. 100 Celtic Baby Names: Meanings & Origins, Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved, Verywell Family uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Fun Fact: Eithne was the mother of Saint Columba, the patron saint of Derry. While some have been fairly common, such as Erin, others are more exotic. A large number of Celtic Witches revere two Deities, namely the Mother Goddess and the Horned God. Fun Fact: Bedwyr (Sir Bedivere) was one of King Arthur's knights. Also from Appalachian and Ozark folklore books. Questions about why your ancestor was perhaps wrong accused or falsely imprisoned or executed. The truth is there were plenty of reasons why each tragedy occurred, but the main reasons were fear and control.

Many of the accused “witches” plead guilty to lessen their sentence, be freed, or they were tortured into “confessing”. If you haven’t seen the first post in the Ancestral Witchcraft series. Wendy Bumgardner is a freelance writer covering walking and other health and fitness topics and has competed in more than 1,000 walking events. Fun Fact: Ian is the Scottish version of the name John. With this in mind, what separates the Celtic Witch from other forms of paganism and witchcraft? Fun Fact: Rhiannon was a woman in the Welsh legend of the Mabinogion, the wife of Pwyll and mother of Pryderi. Unsplash / Timothy Paul Smith. In mythology, Gráinne was the daughter of Cormac mac Airt. By January Nelson Updated August 30, 2018. As with other magical traditions, there have been a variety of groups practicing a version of Celtic witchery. Fun Fact: Briana was used in The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser in 1596.

Fun Fact: The name Aidan comes from the Celtic sun god, Aed. Fun Fact: Moira and Maura are Irish forms of Mary.

Having said that, many Celtic Witches have a huge passion for rituals complete with all the trimmings.

If this is true , i found These to be my ancestors .Harrison , Black , Green , Lindsay ,And I’m still going to do a lot more research. Also, just because you have a witch’s name in your family tree DOESN’T mean you descend from a “long line of witches”. 1  Pronunciation and spelling can be tricky with Celtic names. Where did the surname Dye come from on the American Witches list? The same people they helped turned their backs on them and threw them to the wolves, so to speak. So, honor the past and gather what you can from those lessons. We are cousins! His "Caedmon's Hymn" is one of the earliest examples of Old English poetry. It is possible some were witches at the most basic level as some were considered wise men or women who used herbs to heal, perform divination, etc. Fun Fact: Rhona was a short-lived Scottish television series in 2000 that was the first British LGBT sitcom. Fun Fact: In Welsh folklore, Madoc was a prince (son of Owain Gwynedd) who sailed to America in 1170. It’s difficult to find info.

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