checkered keelback behaviour

11, pp.110–131, Günther A. : Water bodies – lakes, river, pond, sewer line, logged water in agricultural lands, wells. Copulation noticed from October and gestation period lasts about 55 to 67 days. When we think of snakes, what picture come in mind first? Checkered Keelback is the most widespread Fowlea species also the most widespread fresh water snake. Boulenger G. A.

No research to date supports the presence of a nuchal gland. That is the moral of the story. A structured diagnostic description using dichotomic or multientrance keys. THANE: A venomous spectacled cobra and a non-venomous checkered keelback snake were rescued in 24 hours. Other taxa that this taxon may be confused with, and characters useful for their differentiation. (Hint :- add multiple references separated by a line break (hit Enter)), Updated species field : Habitat and Distribution > Endemic Distribution > Indian Endemicity Geographic Entity, In many parts of its range in India it is assumed to be a mildly venomous snake capable of giving bad injuries which can retain for many years.

It may also eat small stream fish and fresh water shrimp.

Summary of general nature of feeding interactions. When we think of snakes, what picture come in mind first? Zoos’ Print Journal, 22(12): 2909-2912, Whitaker R. (2005) Common Indian Snakes, A Field Guide. Cobras, Kraits, Vipers, Corals, Rat Snakes, Tree Snakes, Whip Snakes, Pipe Snakes, Kukris, Pythons, and more. It is a semi aquatic freshwater snake usually residing in ponds, lakes, rivers,paddy fields , swamps. Reptile Rap, No. Vipers do not escape because they are not fast enough to evade danger by escaping. Feeds mainly on frogs, tadpoles and fishes. Firstly, it can impede the movement capacity of keelbacks for up to six hours following consumption of a cane toad, which leaves the snake more vulnerable to predation. Russian Journal of Herpetology. I am sick of it. The Green Vine Snake or Laudoga (, The other one, common Bronzeback or Bet-achra (, A venomous snake, Russell’s Viper or Chandrobora (. Draco Books, Purkayastha J., Das S., Sengupta S. (2011) Urban herpetofauna: a case study in Guwahati City of Assam, India.

Venter white, But is it true??

It was about frog meat industry. Powered by the open source Biodiversity Informatics Platform. Feeds on fishes and tadpoles. Secondly, the energy required to process the toad’s toxin could be a factor in the reduction in net energy benefit to the snake. Found in all over the country including North-east states.

Nape has an inverted “V” marking. Also includes information referring to territorial extension of the individual or group in terms of its activities (feeding, mating, etc.

Checkered Keelback “Snakes too are here for a purpose, a better one than ours” Parassinkkadavu Snake Park boasts rich collection of snakes from small Hump Nosed Pit Viper to Large Indian Rock Python; Non- Venomous Rat Snake to world’s largest venomous snake King Cobra. Scroll down that page and check out the video. Herpetology Notes, volume 3: 175-180, Murthy T. S. N. (1990) Illustrated Guide to the Snakes of the Western Ghats, India. London: Published for the Ray Society by Robert Hardwicke, Guo P., Liu Q., Xu Y., Jiang K., Hou M., Ding L., Pyron R. A., Burbrink F. T. (2012) Out of Asia: Natricine snakes support the Cenozoic Beringian Dispersal Hypothesis. B. R. Publishing Corporation, Ganesh S. R., Asokan J. R. (2010) Catalogue of Indian herpetological specimens in the collection of the Government Museum Chennai, India. It was now beginning to get crowded. In fact, female keelbacks were found to prefer laying their own eggs at sites containing old eggshells, which may even have been the shells they emerged from as hatchlings.

Along with the Checkered Keelback … The same is true for another land snake, Wolf Snake or Chitisap (Lycodon aulicus). Monocled Cobra (Naja kaouthia) Checkered Keelback “Snakes too are here for a purpose, a better one than ours” Parassinkkadavu Snake Park boasts rich collection of snakes from small Hump Nosed Pit Viper to Large Indian Rock Python; Non- Venomous Rat Snake to world’s largest venomous snake King Cobra.


Diet: Feeds mainly on frogs, tadpoles and fishes. Behavior is alert, aggressive and very quick to respond. Thailand Snakes, Snakebite, Herping, Tours, Snake Traps, International Reptile Internships Available, First Aid for King Cobra, Krait, Corals, Keelbacks, Have recently seen several snakes in our garden in North East Thailand.Looks very similar to European grass snake,grey brown with black flecks and a yellow collar round it’s neck.Any ideas as to what it is? (2013) An Amateur’s Guide to Reptiles of Assam. New born seen from May to mid monsoon. A study undertaken by University of Sydney researchers revealed that female keelbacks also return to their place of birth when they are ready to lay eggs. Behavior is alert, aggressive and very quick to respond.

Found in lowlands.


sea turtles), their research showed that keelback hatchlings used spatial learning after hatching to enable them to return to their place of birth. (1893) Catalogue of the Snakes in the British Museum (Natural History). What will happen? Two tree snakes show two different behaviors. Whitaker, R. and Captain, A .2004. Useful for identification and comparison. Vol 3 Serpentes. After monitoring the feeding behaviour of keelback hatchlings, researchers found that frogs were overwhelmingly preferred over toads. Enumerates geographic entities where the taxon lives.

Female lays up to 90 eggs.

This is before I understood that bites could have serious complications – even death.

The snake has keels scales and ronded pupil. As it is well settled in urban areas, habitat destruction doesn't seem to be a serious threat for this species. The checkered keelback (Fowlea piscator), also known commonly as the Asiatic water snake, is a non-venomous snake endemic to Asia. Nonvenomous and not aggressive. Oviparous. The White-browed Keelback can be quick and darty if startled or grabbed and seeks cover in leaf litter and by hiding under rocks. Habitat and behaviour: The fish snake can mainly be found near waters. “Like mother, like daughter: inheritance of nest-site location in snakes” Biology Letters 3, 131-133. So, what we see common in all these snakes is that they wants to escape at the first sign of danger that means us, except the viper. 2, pp.

In Queensland, the Keelback snake Tropidonophis mairii is probably most famous for its capacity to safely eat the introduced cane toad Rhinella marina. 10, No. Hi Aayush, As stated By Mr. Avdhesh Malik, checkered keelback is a non-venomous but still an aggressive snake. One distinct behaviour is two individual snakes coiling their bodies around each other. Specific taxa are treated under Associations (specifying predators or prey) and associatedTaxa. The Field Guide.

Describes reproductive physiology and behavior, including mating and life history variables. Snakes show different behavior depending on the species but no one wants to bite us unless we are pushing it to do it.

Describes behaviour and behaviour patterns of an organism, including actions and reactions of organism in relation to its biotic and abiotic environment. In many parts of its range it is consumed by few communities.

Journal of Herpetology, Vol.

Posterior temporals: 2-3; Dorsal scale row formula: 19:19:17. Dubey B., Meganathan P. R., Vidal N., Haque I. In contrast to the encoded spatial information inherent in some species while they are still within the egg (e.g.

Grows usually up to 1.2 m. They have strongly keeled scales and five rows of black spots on a yellowish or olive background.

Herpetology Notes, volume 5: 518, Joseph P., Mathew J. P., Thomas V. C. (2007) Scale morphology, arrangement and micro-ornamentation in Xenochrophis piscator (Schneider), Naja naja (Linn), and Eryx johni (Russell).


Distribution: Found in all over the country including North-east states.

Rat Snake (Ptyas mucosa).

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