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For the first time in club history, black became a primary element of the Reds' uniform color scheme in 1999.

Pinstripes dropped on home jerseys. This style was an attempt to offer players a lighter weight and more breathable alternative during the hot Cincinnati summers and also incorporated red pants for the only time in club history and a unique script representation of "Reds" on the jersey front.

Logo gets navy outline. Photos show Spalding number fonts and road jerseys with the "N" on the left placket (whereas Goldsmith jerseys put the "I" on the left placket). Home jersey "C" moved to sleeve.

1971 jerseys were used in the 1970 World Series.

White trim is added to the home jersey logo. This one-year style uniform was the last Reds uniform to incorporate pinstripes until 1993 and was also the last locally-manufactured Reds uniform. The 1936 alternate is reused, but with the new navy/red bill cap. The Reds' historic '76 season played out against the backdrop of America's bicentennial and the centennial of the National League with most NL clubs wearing a commemorative uniform patch that featured the centennial logo.

Home cap white with red pinstripes, road solid grey. Pinstripes added to both jerseys. Home is solid white with red piping, logo is a navy wishbone C with red inside and "Reds" in navy. Red sleeve and placket trim added to both.

Photos clearly show Goldsmith number fonts, and road jerseys with the "I" on the left placket per the Goldsmith style.

Numbers on backs added.

Logo wishbone is flattened, and is added to the road jersey. Home cap is white with pinstripes, road cap grey. @import url("CSSSculptor/prosports_content_css/print.css");

Road jersey is grey without a logo, then a "C" is added to the sleeve during the season.

The Reds return to sleeved jerseys with this one year style. Home cap changes to red with white pinstripes in 1902. -->. Names on back appear in 1964, red w/ navy trim on homes and navy on roads. The club's new look in '61 featured a navy blue-infused "C-Reds" mark on the front of the jersey, a blue border around the "C" on the cap, and a black band to the left side of each jersey honoring longtime owner Powel Crosley, Jr. who passed away shortly before the season. Back number was replaced by a smaller number and the name was added (since removed) for 1964 useage. Logo replaced by "CINCINNATI" on road jersey. Navy trim returns.

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Placket piping removed from home shirt and logo altered a bit. This 1963 tagged jersey was reused in 1964, the year Rose wore it. Pinstripes added to home jersey. Wishbone "Creds" put on left chest of both jerseys. The "C" changes from wishbone to rounded. The "C" changes from wishbone to rounded. Looks like Ted wore this over his "good" clothes to paint his house. Cap now solid navy. NOTE: The Reds adopted uniform numbers beginning in 1932. Ted Kluszewski #18 always cut the sleeves off his jerseys. The cap in the jersey photo is not an on-field cap.

Home jersey has a "C" on the left chest. Road jersey is navy with "CINCINNATI" across the chest. White home cap, navy road. Alternate introduced, worn with red or white pants and white cap.

Placket piping gone from road jersey. White trim was added to the logo during the season; perhaps it was done for the 1939 World Series jerseys. The first 1939 home jerseys had no white trim around the logo on the front.

Spalding jerseys are also used during the 1940 season and 1940 World Series. MacGregor. Pinstripes also added to home cap. The set reverts to the 1935 style. White vest with wishbone C worn at home. Both 1919 sets are used in the 1920 regular season. All teams wore a commemorative patch during the '39 season that erroneously dated the game's centennial to Abner Doubleday's mythical invention of the game in Cooperstown, New York, in 1839. The Reds wore this uniform style during home games in the inaugural year of the ballpark that was christened the "Palace of the Fans.". I haven't been able to find this sleeve cuff striping in photos to accurately date this jersey. Pinstripes also added to home cap.

Road jersey pinstripe spacing widened to match home and red trim added at base of the sleeve cuff. Seems this more rounded C" logo was used late 1938 or early 1939. Navy dropped as an accent color.

The Reds transitioned to today’s modern look in 2007, but this particular rendition included an updated version of the original, mustachioed Mr. Redlegs on the jersey sleeve, the character’s first appearance on a Reds uniform since 1956. Back to Reds. With the opening of Grand American Ball Park, the Reds wore a special inaugural season patch on uniform undershirts both at home and on the road.

This 1966 spare was given to Bench for Spring Training 1967.

The cap in the jersey photo is not an on-field cap.

Road shirt stripes are thinly spaced. There was no mention of "Reds" or "Redlegs" on jerseys from 1956-60. The 1939 sleeve patches removed probably for reuse in 1940.

Looks like Goldsmith jerseys used in this timeframe. Pinstripes removed from road jersey.

The home jersey logo is trimmed in navy.

Front piping dropped, "REDS" added to sleeves of road jersey. Back to Reds.

Note sleeve cuffs (and trim) have been cut off. This 1941 jersey had the "HEALTH" patch added when reused in 1942. All lettering and numbers get white trim on road jerseys (front and back), and serifs are dropped.
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Cap changed to navy. Road jersey is navy. This site is intended for research and historical purposes only. Both Goldsmith and Spalding jerseys are used in 1940. Actual logos, sports uniforms and names are properties of their respective leagues, teams, ownership groups and/or organizations. Another name change. Two years after the 1993 pinstriped uniform was introduced, the Reds donned this look in their first return to the postseason since 1990. Rounded "C" on both sleeves of home white, road grey jerseys. @import url("CSSSculptor/prosports_content_css/screen.css"); Goldsmith jerseys are made for the 1939 World Series. @import url("CSSMenuWriter/cssmw/menu.css"); This style was an attempt to offer players a lighter weight and more breathable alternative during the hot Cincinnati summers and also incorporated red pants for the only time in club history and a unique script representation of "Reds" on the jersey front.

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