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During the night, the ghost of Edith's mother visits her and warns Edith again to beware of Crimson Peak. Even so, Del Toro will likely leave you with a couple of lingering questions. After tragedy strikes her family, she marries Thomas and goes off to live with him and his cold, peculiar sister, Lucille (Jessica Chastain), at a crumbling estate that is as beautiful as it is creepy. Edith tries to settle into her new domestic life, but it proves to be difficult when ghosts are figuratively and literally haunting her. A horse-drawn, enclosed carriage would have been more appropriate for the chauffeured scene. Crimson Peak leaves viewers with a minor cliffhanger that is satisfying enough to end the film, but open enough to start a haunting franchise, if that's in the works. Mia Wasikowska … A reference is made to an "autocar" - early reference to an automobile, picking up guests during the rain at Carter Cushing's home. Posted by. Thomas explains to Edith his attitude and they get married and travel to England to live in his derelict mansion over a red clay mine at Allerdale Hall with Lucille. Guillermo del Toro's latest movie, Crimson Peak, covers a lot of ground when it comes to genre, but in short it's a gothic romantic horror — although not the kind of horror movie you would expect. All rights reserved. Covered cars with second-row seats weren't readily available, and any vehicle would have been a very expensive, high-end car to function as a chauffeured vehicle for multiple riders in this upper class setting. I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing Lucille haunt Edith some more. Any other actor would have just played her as a one-dimensional crazy person, but Chastain progressively developed the character's insanity in every scene she was in, ending with a glorious explosion of insanity. The married couple and Lucille move into the Sharpe ancestral home in England, the run-down Allerdale Hall. He has a meeting with Carter Crushing and other businessmen, but Carter refuses to invest in his invention. However, when Lucile was killed by Edit she was wearing a bedding robe with long hair but when she was a ghost playing the piano at the end, she was wearing a black robe and her hair was brushed carefully. Parents Guide. Crimson Peak (2015) - Goofs on IMDb - bloopers, mistakes, errors in continuity, plot holes, anachronisms, spoilers and more.

When all is said and done, how Crimson Peak ends is, for the most part, a satisfying conclusion to the story. When Thomas and Edith become romantically involved, both Edith's father and her childhood friend, Dr. Alan McMichael, disapprove. 384. | Image: Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures. warning: “crimson peak” spoiler beyond this point. Edith Cushing's mother died when she was young but watches over her. Soon Thomas seduces Edith and Carter hires a private detective to investigate the lives of Thomas and Lucille. During the dinner scene early on in the film when Edith is eating dinner with her father who hoped to celebrate the acceptance of her novel by a publisher, as one looks over her shoulder as she speaks to her father who is in center frame, one can clearly see that she puts food in her mouth well before she has actually completed her line in the dialogue. Soon Thomas seduces Edith and Carter hires a private detective to investigate the lives of Thomas and Lucille. When Edith coughs up blood in the middle of the night it appears on her pillow and she wipes some on the pillow next to her. They were not the blank type that home users could use to make their own audio recordings. Moderator of r/movies Archived.

Crimson Peak is a gothic horror romance from acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro starring Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, and Charlie Hunnam.Following a death in the family, … I throughly enjoy a frigid, psychopathic character, and when an actor plays it with nuance and commitment, they deserve special recognition. However, his latest film is a little bit different — although just as fun to watch.

Edith saw the ghost of her mother that warned her to beware of Crimson Peak when she was a child and presently she is writing a ghost story. Speaking of, I'd like to take a moment and give props to Jessica Chastain, who wins MVP of this movie. (Spoilers ahead!). Edith starts to see a red ghost and discovers that an Italian woman has sent a letter to him. | However, her father, Carter Cushing (Jim Beaver), disapproves of Sir Thomas and tries to have Sir Thomas and his scheming sister, Lucille (Jessica Chastain), sent back to England. Mr. Cushing hires a private detective, Mr. Holly, who uncovers unsavory facts about the Sharpes.. Taglines During the night, the ghost of Edith's mother visits her and warns Edith again to beware of Crimson Peak. Official Discussion: Crimson Peak [SPOILERS] … These types of records were pre-recorded and mass produced by an injection molding process. Del Toro is no stranger to sequels; he made a follow-up and is rumored to be making a third installment of Hellboy, and a sequel to Pacific Rim has also been announced, but Crimson Peak is a wild card. You can tell that Chastain had fun playing Lucille. In the end, Edith and an injured Alan walk away from the haunted house in the blistering snow. She becomes enamored with Thomas Sharpe, a mysterious stranger. Mr Cushing then dies in mysterious circumstances, leaving Edith and Sir Thomas free to wed, which they do. Edith's mother's spirit once again visits her, bearing the same warning. Thomas and Lucille's physical bodies are dead, but their ghosts and the house are still very alive — one of the last shots shows a macabre Lucille playing the piano. The unofficial name of Thomas and Lucille's estate is Crimson Peak, but how did her mom know to warn her about that? There are shots in "Crimson Peak" that mirror "Notorious," a close-up of the ubiquitous key-chain with the key … To add to the craziness, the brother and sister are in an incestuous relationship, a detail in the movie that will definitely have people gasping.

Automobiles in 1901 were barely more than the "horseless carriage" idea, with buggy-type bodies, wires wheels, and often only a front seat for two. She is visited by the not-so-friendly ghost of her mom, who tells her to "beware of Crimson Peak." It would be impossible to stab someone in the cheek-bone in the clean way Lucille stabbed Thomas as the bone would stop the blade. The "Land Certificate" Edith Cushing finds when looking inside the envelopes related to the former wives bears the cipher ER around the British coat of arms - should be VR (Victoria Regina) as they were from the late 19th century.

A couple of days later, the detective brings a report to Carter disclosing dark secrets from the past of the siblings. When she gets up to investigate the sounds the blood disappears. Now she is visiting a publisher that is friend of her father and she stumbles upon her childhood friend, the ophthalmologist Dr. Alan McMichael, who has returned from overseas and is opening an office in the same building. During the final fight outside in the snow, the ice-encrusted, steam-powered mining machine is activated even though the steam engine is obviously not running. I may have missed something, but this was never really addressed.

One of the major questions that I had after watching the movie was regarding Edith's relationship with her dead mother. The movie showed the ghost in their outfits when they were murdered. Brought up in the Victorian Era she strives to be more than just a woman of marriageable age. Both "Crimson Peak" and "Notorious" feature ongoing visual motifs of tea cups and key-chains. shaving before the storm. Close.

They were expecting a delivery from Birmingham, but received a delivery made in Glasgow. Official Discussion: Crimson Peak [SPOILERS] Discussion. | Yet in the case of the conclusion, Crimson Peak totally fits the horror genre — the ending doesn't really mean the story's over.

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