firelord vs spiderman

DON'T suggest future fights in the comments section!

Although Peter Parker possesses superhuman strength, he’s usually outclassed in power by the villains he has to fight – forcing Spidey to come up with unique strategies and tactics to outmaneuver his foes. 1 Takes an Academic Approach to Monsters, Captain America: Sharon Carter's Restoration Came With a Price, Batman Sends His Next Problem to an Unlikely Old Ally, Instead of Breaking D&D, Try Powered by the Apocalypse, LOOK: Previews for Every Marvel Comic Arriving Wednesday, Oct. 21, X-Men: Kitty Pryde's Most Frightening Story Turned Xavier's School Into a Haunted Mansion, Miles Morales: Spider-Man Just Found an Outlawed Ally in [SPOILER], Frozen's Olaf Gets a Proper Origin Story in Once Upon a Snowman Trailer, Suicide Squad Director Promises His Cut Is Straight ‘Fire’, Spider-Man: How Ultimate Marvel Rebooted Gwen Stacy BEFORE Spider-Gwen, Batman: Death in the Family MASSIVELY Changes Tim Drake's Red Robin. share. dude firelord is a he is galaxy buster like silver surfer he can go at light speed make human torches super nova look like a roman candle he can make coffee without a coffee maker too ...who cares about how much he can bench press he could destroy a planet if he wanted to ..nova was a herald she could only bench like 30 tons and she fought silver surfer to a stand still .. th e phoenix she embarassed firelord but she didnt kill him she went full force against him and didnt hold back and she couldnt kill firelord knocked him out though i think, he cant destroy a galaxy but he can do a lot of damage to intelligent life.

17 comments . Herm. Finally, unable to see any other option, Spider-Man just starts whaling away at Firelord, trusting in his spider sense to keep him out of the cosmic being’s reach. So what is there left to do? Captain Universe Spider-Man vs. Firelord. still doesn't really make sense. We gotta do it! i am a spidey fan so i don't care about the pis battle outcome. Will this be a repeat of their last encounter minus PIS or will Firelord get some respect?

save hide report. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. I will tell you the result of this: Spiderman pounds Firelord in the face, firelord does not budge, fire lord turns spiderman into doughnut and eats.-_-Plz post spite threads elsewhere.
spider-man will indeed win everytime. This topic is locked from further discussion. Of course, since Firelord is literally always on fire and has survived flying through suns, this also doesn’t stop him. Firelord is durable but he's nowhere near as durable as guys like Rhino, or the Hulk both of whom Parker is capable of hurting if he really cuts loose. Messages: 49,088 Likes Received: 614 Trophy Points: 1,669 Joined: May 27, 2006. this sort of ot. With brute force, spidey should barely be able to hurt Firelord, if at all.

All this meant Spider-Man was in for the fight of his life when Firelord dropped by Earth for a visit in The Amazing Spider-Man #269.As Earth’s pizza is considered a culinary delight unlike any other in the universe (yes, really), Firelord decides to sample the food for himself – but overzealously melts a pizzeria’s ovens to slag when the owner said they needed to be heated. That's not to say he will always win, but he did. Firelord should be able to take those punches, and even if you want to go with Spidey being able to use his Spider-sense to get out of the way of Firelord punching him back, Firelord should be able to fly off or go to an energy attack. All this meant Spider-Man was in for the fight of his life when Firelord dropped by Earth for a visit in The Amazing Spider-Man #269. Michael’s background in storytelling draws him to find the most fascinating aspects of any topic and transform them into a narrative that informs and entertains the reader. This video showcases Gameplay of Firelord VS Spider-Man 2099 The Superhero In A Marvel VS DC MUGEN Edition Match / Battle / Fight Become A … Pis is a sorry excuse.
@spider-manwins look at all the people who doubt.

According to Cap, Spider-Man’s final desperate attack was so fast and powerful that Firelord couldn’t lay a hand on him. It goes without saying that he’s incredibly strong (able to lift over 100 tons like the Silver Surfer) and also has a warrior’s mindset – meaning he views his power primarily as a weapon he can use in battle. if he can beat Electro, he can handle someone else using a different element.

And eh, if he dies, so what?". yes... all of the ones i mentioned are completely valid. Shockingly, however, Spider-Man once took down someone much more powerful than he was, using only his “regular” spider strength. Firelord later encounters Spider-Man in a fight - albeit one provoked by humans who drove Firelord into a temper because they believed that he was a mutant - but he was defeated by the wall-crawler due to Spider-Man's hit-and-run approach serving as an effective counter to Firelord's brute raw power.

Fight already happened, and Spider-Man wrecked him m80, Spider-man already stomped firelord in the comics, Why do people say Spiderman beating Firelord is pis? Considered one of Spider-Man’s greatest fights – not just for the outcome but because of Spider-Man’s refusal to back down in the face of impossible odds – Spider-Man vs. Firelord shows what the webslinger is truly capable of when he’s pressed to his limits. One of the things that makes Spider-Man appealing is that he’s not all-powerful. When even this doesn’t work, he gets Firelord to blow up an entire gas station, creating a blast that can be seen across New York.

How about "Hit him a lot!". I will tell you the result of this: Spiderman pounds Firelord in the face, firelord does not budge, fire lord turns spiderman into doughnut and eats. But his only powers are flying and shooting fireballs like the Human Torch right? A graduate of Arizona State University with a PhD in 20th Century American Literature, Michael has written novels, short stories, stage plays, screenplays, and how-to manuals. Plus if memory serves me correctly, Firelord had already taken on a crap-ton of damage and been blown up quite a few times immediately before tangling with old Webhead and before Spider-Man ko"ed him. Spider-Man may be a lightweight compared to Marvel’s powerhouses – but one time he beat up cosmic powered Firelord using just his spider-strength! The Enigma Force once again bonds to Spider-Man and Firelord is again being a dick to the city of New York. was that one worth getting? yeah it is worth geting if you find it during the summer at a garage sale i bought like 60 comics of uncanny x-men 260- 320 mint condition at a garage sale that were worth like over 100 dollars i paid a total of 15 bucks. He gets Firelord to fly into the East River, but the waters won’t douse his flames. Since Phenomenol thinks that their fight was perfectly realistic and represents their powers and abilities well, let's try this.

i missed that comic book where spidey beat firleord. this spidey won in the comics shenanigans is for the birds anyone with a half pint of sence knows the writers pulled that fight out there ass and smeared it on the page for us the readers to cry over. DC fan here. This leads to a BRILLIANT piece of character work by DeFalco, as he captures the heart of a New Yorker so well... How awesome is that? was that one worth getting? So in #270 (by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Bob McLeod), he does just that. i missed that comic book where spidey beat firleord.

To truly appreciate how insane this is, one must realize that Firelord’s power is on par with the Silver Surfer, one of Marvel’s most OP’d heroes.

This sets up Spidey's final three attempts to end the battle. While Spidey’s always played down his power levels to avoid hurting people, his battle with Firelord shows just how powerful Spider-Man can really be. Conclusion to the famous battle where spidey pounds firelord, the former hearld of galactus. 88% Upvoted. Assumptions confirmed.

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