google my business reviews disappeared

I’m happy to hear that this information may be useful if you do have a local business in the future.

For example, a spam filter may have sprung if all the people clicked a link from the signature in one of your emails. If Google punishes a business for too many reviews too soon, then why is it that companies using apps to get reviews (from legitimate customers) and are getting 20+ a month are not being punished?

Yes, Google will likely know where you are and you’re device when you leave a review. Duplicate business listing. There were only 15, and they were definitely natural. The reviews were from clients that we had worked for over the years. Very thorough post. This raises an important question about businesses that have kiosks or devices in their waiting rooms or service area (like a restaurant) for customers to leave reviews. I went round and round with them to no avail. I found it extremely valuable as I have clients asking me how to get more reviews and I always discourage mass marketing for them. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and your comment.

But how do you become a member of the family if you don’t start somewhere?

I know what it’s like (and how difficult it is) to stay in business and I’m proud of you! Thank you for letting me know! From the Google My Business Help page you can also select “Contact Us” in the top right corner. Hi Beverley, You can check for duplicate listings by visiting and searching for your business location’s exact name or address.

~ Robin, Great article for those who use reviews for their business with Google Robin. If you’re not doing that now, start doing it. On the flip side, if you’ve ever lost one of those reviews, you also know how frustrating it is. Cheers, Ian.

Did the person who wrote the review leave one on each page? This is good to know, and may help others that are experiencing the same things. • A lot of reviews at once from Google accounts that don’t have a review history otherwise or have an empty Google Local Guide profile.

I’m sorry that your to do list just got a bit longer . He had discovered that two of the Google reviews that were left by different clients had disappeared. You have moved locations. Once I started digging, I found so many stories of people who had no clue what happened. When you search for the phrase “missing Google reviews”, the results are filled with stories from others who are searching for answers. • URLs or phone numbers in the review. Have a wonderful week ahead! The first thing that was confirmed is that if you are missing a Google review, you are not alone. I’m sorry to hear that your Google reviews and photos have disappeared. That same person caused problems for someone else (competitor) and got their reviews taken down. I have no copies. The only reviews I have are on my Fb page, but this was good to know. Several weeks ago, I received a call from one of our clients. Google Platinum Product Expert Helmet Geissler in a GMB Help forum post offers a good list of things to evaluate first if you’re Google reviews have disappeared. Google reviews can be a blessing or a curse. I’ve never sought or gathered review on Google, so it’s not something I worry about, but this is incredibly valuable information shared. There is one report of a school that had a computer set up for students to write reviews. On another note, if I see a review or recommendation related to my work, I always download a copy, whether it is on Amazon, LinkedIn or anywhere else as part of my brand management policy. I can see how it may be a red flag, but your are right. Google reviews are for Google My Business Pages that have a location.

Hi Nikhil, Hi Dawn, Knowing what works and what might cause a review to be removed is definitely helpful when writing a review as well. Any hint of that can be a GMB killer if Google catches it. As creative director, she is passionate about helping others reach their Internet objectives through a strategic online presence with results driven custom web design, ethical SEO, and social media marketing. Comprehensive Strategies for Negative Google Reviews I did hear from one business owner that reached out to Google after he had lost reviews and they were restored. Thank you for stopping by and for your input on this.

Must be very frustrating to lose them without any explanation. Thanks for in the insights you always share! Getting too many reviews in a short amount of time is just one of the possible reasons why Google may remove a review. Yes, I’ll back them all up (and post them as testimonials on our website). ~ Robin. You can also subscribe without commenting. The oddest part to me is that the reviews only disappear when a new one is posted. From the stories that I’ve heard about some abusing the reviews, I can understand why Google is so tough. So, again, thank you for doing the sleuthing for the rest of us!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for commenting! As a plan of action, whenever you receive notification that someone has left you a review, copy it and save it offline. If the person who wrote the review just set up a Google+ profile or they were not active after they set it up, this may cause a negative signal that set off the alarm for Google’s spam filters. How many customer tell them what a great job they’re doing in person or over the phone? I hope you are able to find out what happened. I’ve heard the same about Amazon reviews. Google decided to remove both of this client’s responses AND not to interact with me in a meaningful way that produced resolution to this problem. I’m glad to hear that the first review was re-posted, and hope the the second and/or third will be as well. I don’t know. Wow – you sure did put on a Sherlock Holmes web cap!! I wish you many more years of success.

Hi Nikhil, Hi Robin, Fascinated with the growing potential and power of the Internet, Robin founded R & R Web Design LLC in the Chicago area in 2000. If the review had a URL to another website, this would violate Google’s review policy as advertising. I know I have to ask for reviews; I just don’t – it’s something I have to get over. I appreciate you sharing your story.

Google Platinum Product Expert Helmet Geissler in a GMB Help forum post offers a good list of things to evaluate first if you’re Google reviews have disappeared. They didn’t realize that doing so was in direct violation of Google’s review policy. It is like Google is determined that we are only to have one 5-star review. I’m glad you found this helpful. Is there any recourse to get reviews back.

If you did receive a number of reviews in a short amount of time, the spam filter alarms may have gone off. Now, back to Google. I will be sharing this one!!! Great article and information. This noticeably has been an issue with Yelp for years. Hi John,

I don’t have any Google Reviews, Robin, but the information is going to be useful if I ever have a business where these reviews become important. Thanks again for sharing your experience. Great article. You have an onsite review station (iPad, computer etc) at your location. The filters that Google has in place are in place to weed out spam, but when genuine reviews are removed, it is alarming. Having a Google review removed without explanation is frustrating. It’s a good thing that Google is tough and tows the line with rules about those abusing the reviews. Was there a URL in the review? Thank you for helping to spread the word. From “Find a solution”, select “Customer reviews and photos” then “Other requests about reviews” and you should see options to: • Email support (Expect a reply within 24 hours). Google used to pull review data from other sites and platforms like Yelp, Facebook and Yahoo Local – a practice the search engine giant has since stopped. Then when a third came in about a month ago, the second disappeared and the same thing today. Then, due to a second session she felt inspired to leave a second review. I’m somewhat new to Google Reviews so here’s a question for you. Google My Business Listing Issues. The most common answer to the question, “Why did my Google review disappear?”, is that Google’s spam detection algorithms must have been tripped and filtered out the review causing the disappearance. Those orange stars beneath a company’s name really do stand out in Google’s search results. Duplicate reviews may have been the problem. Google confirmed the cause of missing Google My Business reviews, an issue that may not be resolved any time soon. ~ Robin. For example, if a business has an iPad or computer in a convenient place for customers to write reviews, this would be a violation of Google’s review policy, “don’t set up review stations or kiosks at your place of business just to ask for reviews written at your place of business.” The IP address of each review is most likely recorded setting off the content policies’ violation whistle.

Google says just ask additional clients to leave reviews. Wow Robin! I’m a review reader as well and they do influence my decision making as well. It is frustrating to have legitimate reviews removed from Google+. The only issue I have with Google and their rules is #12. However, we managed to find some solutions that could explain the sudden disappearance of a few Google reviews. So 10/15/19, not 10.15.19. I pointed that out to them and they promptly removed it.

Hi Robin, I never met the person who left the review personally, she is in an entirely different state and our session was over the phone. Have them go to while they are logged into Google and upload a photo to the Google My Business page of a nearby building or landmark. If you have a large number of reviews than the norm in your industry, Google’s spam filters may have been tripped. The same thing happened to two of our own Google reviews a while back. Hi Tamara, , I’m glad that you like the tip to backup the reviews. I would have just cried about the missing review. Thank you! I do hope that the results will be able to help others who face the same things. Why would I do that again? The most famous example of this is Mike Blumenthals’ post “GOOGLE LEVEL 5 LOCAL GUIDE DIES OF CAFFEINE POISONING WHILE REVIEWING THOUSANDS OF STARBUCKS LAST WEEK”. If there is a URL in the review, it’s likely spam and will trigger the … I don’t get how a company like Google can “lose” data. Filing more than one support ticket can slow things down for everyone, but be ready to try to escalate an existing support ticket if the service representative isn’t clearly understanding your issue or being very responsive in trying to solve it. Thanks for the information Robin! Hi Liz,

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