headless horseman origin

Now, your blackened souls I'll cure! The headless horseman of Germany is often clad in gray and in hunting gear. The Headless Horseman is a seasonal boss from the popular MMORPG World Of Warcraft, he can only be faced during the event known as Hallow's End (the equivalent to the real world Halloween). Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses is located in Ulster Park, NY, part of the Historic Haunted Hudson Valley.

It turns out, Washington Irving was all about recycling a good Yankee name when he heard one. As reported by The New York Times, although Crane and Irving could have possibly crossed paths while serving at Fort Pike, it's unlikely that Irving asked permission to use his moniker for a gangly schoolteacher. However, the day before the duel, Ewen came upon a fairy washing blood out of clothes who predicted that if his servant failed to serve him butter at breakfast the following day, he would not survive the duel. It began near the deserted roads of a little town called Sleepy Hollow, near Tarrytown, New York.

Sadly the same can not be said for the Headless Horseman's true form, imprisoned within the Pumpkin Shrine in the Scarlet Monastery this form is much more powerful and houses the Headless Horseman's true power - in order to truly stop the continual attacks on Azeroth's settlements brave adventurers must make their way to the Shrine and summon the fearsome spirit, who has a collection of dangerous abilities by which to vex even experienced warriors.

Irving set his gothic classic near present-day Tarrytown, New York, and as his story goes, schoolteacher Ichabod Crane arrives at Sleepy Hollow and hears the local Dutch legend of a ghostly headless Hessian soldier who haunts the Old Dutch Church. He also falls for local 18-year-old heiress Katrina Van Tassel, but he has a romantic rival — the burly Brom Van Brunt.

Traditional folklore holds that the Horseman was a Hessian artilleryman who was killed during the Battle of White Plains in 1776. Sir Gawain, a knight of King Arthur's Round Table, takes up the contest. Merwin, meanwhile, taught in Kinderhook.

Easily the most popular version of the beheaded equestrian is from Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," which introduced an early American audience to a goblin rider menacing the tranquil roads of a quiet New York village. In fact, this tale is likely so closely tied with Halloween because the battle of White Plains took place just a few days before October 31. The Headless Horseman hotly pursues Crane until they approach the church said to be the rider's burial place. (Other sources state Crom Dubh.)
This headless horseman tale sets itself apart from the rest, as it uses a "beheading game" to test the loyalty of its main character. In other words, he's fierce, terrifying, and out to harvest souls. These spirits represent those who had wrongful deaths and come back to protect the innocent. The Irish believe the Dullahan hunts for lives on festival days after sunset. The Dullahan is a popular fixture of Irish mythology and one of the most demonic depictions of a headless horseman. If he came upon them in the woods, the Wild Huntsman would seek out those who had wronged others so he could punish them. The shade's attacks have become so regular that every year heroes are gathered to perform fire-fighting tasks, extinguishing the spirit's destructive handiwork - yet inevitably this brings the Headless Horseman's wrath upon them and should they succeed in extinguishing all the fires the Shade will descend and begin to attack, thankfully the Shade tends to be a fairly easy fight. Broken, he was taken back to the Scarlet Monastery where he finally went mad, believing the entire world to be infected and he alone was the only being that could save them. Washington Irving's tale of the town of Sleepy Hollow, terrorized by a mysterious headless equestrian, is said to have its origins in the American Revolution and Dutch traditions of New York, according to Folklore Thursday. While uniquely terrifying in its own right, Irving's equestrian looks downright kid-friendly compared to Irish folklore's Dullahan. What of the imposing figure of the black-cloaked Hessian soldier? Once entombed, Dathrohan (who in truth was Balnazzar disguised as the fallen general) warped Thomas' corpse into becoming a death knight, thus creating the Headless Horseman. In Indian folklore, the Headless Horseman is actually a heroic figure. You'd also be remiss to leave out the Headless Horseman, the galloping ghoul of folklore fame. He received word that not only had Prince Arthas returned from Northrend and murdered his father, he would later murder Uther the Lightbringer. He witnessed Baron Rivendare's betrayal when he sent a large supply of plagued grain to a village he was defending.

The Irish Place explains that if you are to look at the Dullahan, you will immediately be blinded. Eventually they buried him in the cemetery of the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, from which each Halloween night he rises as a malevolent ghost, furiously seeking his lost head. In the end, the Green Knight was, in fact, Lord Bertilak de Hautdesert, who had been magically transformed into a headless giant.

Like many headless horsemen, Scotland's supernatural rider was born in battle. What ensues is a test of Sir Gawain's honesty. Among the most prominent is the Irish legend of the "Dullahan" or "Gan Ceann," which, as told by History, is something of a Grim Reaper figure.

https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Headless_Horseman_(Warcraft)?oldid=3467189. Many of the people visited upon by headless horsemen throughout the various legends are seen as arrogant, scheming, or downright foolish. Battling either on or off their steeds, these well-meaning spirits are defenders.

"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", a 14th-century Middle English chivalric romantic poem by an anonymous author, also has a cameo from a headless rider.

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