how are variables structured in the data layer?

This blog post includes some of the key insights gained from analytics professionals at ObservePoint's 2020 Virtual Analytics Summit. Target based on key values stored in the data layer. However, if you want some more custom data, like userID, Product price, Order total, etc. . Optionally, click an existing variable to edit it. Trustworthy data is a consequence of proper data governance and the bedrock of effective decision-making. If a structure element is a reference type, such as a String, Object, or array, the pointer to the data is copied. For the purpose of this post and the previous one on the data layer push, we created a basic page with a 2 option quiz. (and use that in Google Tag Manager), additional configurations will be needed. 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The following declaration illustrates this. pageID) might be easier for non-developers to read and work with, mitigating the risk of error. Once you place the Google Tag Manager container’s JavaScript Snippet in your website’s source code, the Data Layer is automatically created. The Purchase total variable returns the value listed in the purchaseTotal variable in the data layer, in the example above, 451.     'purchaseTotal': 451 For example, you can build a condition like this: "path equals /store OR /shop" but you can't use OR across multiple conditions like this: "path equals /store OR host equals". Accurate campaign attribution is key to understanding how effective your campaign strategy is. Ali Benham, co-founder of Tealium, said concerning the relationship between a TMS and a data layer, “We strongly feel that the TMS product should be able to accommodate customer preference, and not vice-versa” (Source). For example, purchaseTotal. //, Google Tag Manager data layer specification, When to use Data Layer variable targeting, Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites. We can send information into the Data Layer using a variety of different methods. The Data Layer Variables. If you choose to go with your TMS’s default data layer style, this can help simplify the process of pre-implementation planning. Learn more data layer variables in Tag Manager developer website. If you intend a structure to be private, make sure you declare it using the Private keyword. This structure works well if you have a lot of different data points that can nest within each other. For example, using all lowercase with underscores (e.g. You may want to create a targeting condition that references shopping cart data or other information available on the page. To target users searching for nexus, while browsing from a tablet, create two rules joined by the AND operator. Will evaluate true when the data layer variable visitorType is set to high-value. between the structure variable name and the element name. Learn what 23 industry experts had to say about the current world of mobile and app analytics in this blog post. If for some reason the format of your TMS’s default data layer does not match your business rules, you should be able to make the necessary customizations. In the previous example, if systemInfo had included an object variable, then the preceding example would have copied the pointer from mySystem to yourSystem , and a change to the object's data through one structure would be in effect when accessed through the other structure. Often, multiple data storage options are available in this layer, such as distributed file storage (DFS), cloud, structured data sources, NoSQL, etc. Learn how TagDebugger can get you on the path to full tag governance in this blog post. Since then, he has devoted his career to mastering analytics and providing actionable insights for hundreds of clients, spanning many industries and verticals. This is the Data Layer Variable. You can use OR by adding additional values in a URL targeting rule. On the other hand, a multi-level, nested or hierarchical data layer structure allows developers to sort data into different buckets with consistent categories. For example, you can create a structure that records information about a computer system. Marketing attribution helps you make data-driven decisions that optimize your strategy. To build a targeting condition based on order value, you’ll need to have a key-value pair within the data layer that you can reference. Learn how to ensure data quality, optimize customer experiences, and drive growth and ROI with this guide to the three pillars of data-driven companies. The contains match type (also known as a "substring match") allows you to target any occurrence of a substring with a longer string.   }]; page_id) instead of camelCasing (e.g. That being said, most tag management solutions allow you to customize variable names and structures. If the data layer is called after the Optimize snippet, any variables declared within it will not be available for Optimize to target on page load. Open preview and debug mode in Tag Manager and select the Data Layer Tab. Structures and Other Programming Elements. Name your variable – For example, Purchase total. Instead, ensure that initialization of data layer occurs before the. We will use Keras to define the model, and feature columns as a bridge to map from columns in a CSV to features used to train the model. You place the member access operator (.) An exact match of the entered value with the end of the URL. In classes and modules, structures declared using the Dim Statement default to public access. For example, you might want to target users who are about to purchase a certain product or who just completed a purchase worth more than $100. There will be two parties that will be the principal stakeholders responsible for creating and applying the data layer—developers and digital marketers/analysts. The following example accesses elements of the variables previously declared as type systemInfo. Contains is useful when targeting a unique query string parameter that appears in multiple URLs. If the model is too complex, it generally suffers from overfitting, where the model learns the characteristics specific to the training set but fails to make good predictions for new data. This article outlines three benefits to your customer when you implement a data layer. Instead of retrieving the product ID or purchase amount from JavaScript variables, you could store this information in the data layer and retrieve it there. This includes variable/key names, structure and even the name of your JavaScript object itself. Step 2: Build a condition with your custom variable. To create a rule targeting the purchaseTotal in the data layer, you need to create a custom variable, then build a condition with it. tabular data in a CSV). Want your marketing campaign to produce positive results? A flat structure works well if you don’t have a large amount of data points, and can be easier to read. Instead of referencing JavaScript variables in your targeting conditions, you can reference key-value pairs that are stored in the data layer. So what conventions and structure should you use? This blog post is a transcription of the podcast segment. Learn how you can expand your approach to attribution by focusing on the end-to-end customer journey. Will evaluate true when the data layer variable visitorType is not set to high-value. When targeting URLs, OR is automatically appended to your first URL after pressing return. You can target shopping cart pages that use /thankyou.html at the end of their URLs. Tealium and ObservePoint have teamed up to make tag governance more streamlined and efficient in order to help you create more personalized user experiences. The Data Layer is Google Tag Manager’s central repository of structured data. 3 Ways to See Data Stored in the Data Layer Method #1: The Data Layer Tab in GTM Preview Mode. A regular expression uses special characters to enable wildcard and flexible matching. This article provides a few use cases of what could be done with the ObservePoint API. Note: If you are starting a new project to classify structured data, we recommend you use preprocessing layers. The AND operator is useful when you wish to target a variation based on multiple rules that all need to be true. The OR operator is useful for targeting one kind of page with multiple URL configurations. To target searches on your website for either nexus or chromecast, create a rule with two site search in the Value field. This tutorial contains complete code to: Discover how to connect your marketing efforts to company revenue in 4 steps. Note: Data layer variables are per-page only, not per-session. Conditions using the OR operator will evaluate as true when any of the values are met. For this example, build the following condition and click SAVE. The OR operator is supported within individual conditions but you can't use it to combine multiple conditions. For example, you could see differences in: Variable naming conventions of the main JavaScript object, Variable naming conventions of sub-objects. Analysis layer. This copies all the elements of one structure to the corresponding elements in the other. Learn how ObservePoint can help you navigate your business through difficult economic times in this blog post. Because if it’s worth implementing, it’s worth maintaining. Learn more. Because the developers are responsible for the initial implementation, they may have more say as to what naming conventions are used—lowercase vs. camelCase, underscore vs. no underscore, etc.—as well as structural preferences. Once you have created a structure, you can declare procedure-level and module-level variables as that type. If a structure element is a reference type, such as a String, Object, or array, the pointer to the data is copied. Lastly, we’ll use an extension to mimic our preview mode and also see how other websites use the data layer for inspiration. tabular data in a CSV). All this variation in naming, formatting and structure should show you one thing: there are lots of … Learn how you can start adjusting to Apple's recent Safari updates that block third-party cookies in this blog post. the value of the purchaseTotal variable is greater than 100. the value of the purchaseTotal variable is less than or equal to 100.

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