justice for the 96

Latest updates from the Hillsborough inquest verdict. Police officers on horseback attacked striking miners after luring them into open ground, then charged the victims with “riot” and “unlawful assembly”. An independent panel is formed in 2010, while the disaster is debated in the Houses of Commons in 2011, with 15-year-old victi… Willst Du das ändern? This page his about getting Justice for the 96 so family's can live in peace but the 96 will always be miss and never forgotten <3 You"ll Never Walk Alone Of course, it provoked a fierce backlash in Liverpool, where a boycott of the Sun has been in place for decades, costing Rupert Murdoch millions — a more effective campaign of resistance to Murdoch’s empire than any political party has managed to organise in Britain, Australia or the US. Einfach nur traurig, wie weit manche Medien gehen, um die Absatzzahlen zu steigern... Ein sehr guter Blog über ein Thema was ganz tief in der Liverpool-Geschichte verankert ist. The victims' families have fought ever since to find out exactly what happened. Hillsborough came at the end of a decade in which the Tory government had singled out whole regions of Britain for “managed decline”. Copyright © 2020 SPOX. Das ist wirklich, Wie schön wäre es, wenn ManU dieses European premier league Konzept vorantre, Sie hätten ja auch einfach ihr dummes Maul halten können. After thirty years, the families of the Hillsborough victims are still looking for justice. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

normalerweise sagt man ja nach einem richtig guten blog, dass es spaß gemacht hat ihn zu lesen, nur kann man das bei diesem blog nicht wirklich sagen, da das einfach eine schrekliche sache war. Get our print magazine for just £20 a year. The BBC doctored footage to make it seem as if the police were acting in self-defence. Daniel Finn is a contributor to Jacobin and the New Left Review. The “not guilty” verdict in the trial of David Duckenfield, the police commander on the day of the disaster, means that no individual has been held legally responsible for the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans — even though an inquest three years ago found the victims to have been “unlawfully killed” as a result of “gross negligence manslaughter”. The brutal policing tactics used during the miners’ strike unquestionably paved the way for the Hillsborough disaster and the subsequent cover-up. B. spätere Untersuchungen oder Anhörungen von Polizisten ergeben. Already on our list? Soll das "Dann sehen wir uns wieder" die Drohung gewesen sein? The Hillsborough stadium disaster left 96 Liverpool fans dead and 766 injured. Junior officers received instructions to doctor their witness statements, just as they had after Orgreave. There are still trials to come of police officers who are accused of organizing a cover-up. Duckenfield himself admitted to having started the lie — notoriously taken up by the Sun — that drunken Liverpool fans were responsible for the crush that claimed almost a hundred lives. Thousands of supporters and families of the 96 march on Downing Street to deliver a petition calling for a fresh criminal investigation. Du hast die Tragödie wirklich gut und verständnisvoll zusammengefasst! Nothing encapsulates their disdain for the country’s working class better than cases of social murder like Hillsborough and Grenfell, when the first priority is always to ensure that no-one in a position of responsibility has to suffer any consequences. (That kind of excuse will have a familiar sound for those following the BBC’s coverage of this year’s election.). The Hillsborough stadium disaster left 96 Liverpool fans dead and 766 injured. That was the phrase used by Thatcher’s Chancellor Geoffrey Howe in 1981 to describe the fate he had in mind for Liverpool: for Howe, any attempt to help the city would be like “trying to make water flow uphill”. Die Organisation "Justice for the 96", die ihren Hauptsitz gegenüber vom Anfield Stadion haben, kämpfen noch heute für Gerechtigkeit für die 96 und helfen den Hinterbliebenen der Opfer. . But they learnt some valuable lessons in perverting the course of justice that were applied to the Hillsborough whitewash.

Ich war vor 12, Sehe hier auch keinen Widerspruch, mia san mia gab es schon länger und irgen, Artikel: Schalke 04, News und Gerüchte - S04-Ultras drohen Profis vor Derby - Riether: "Druck, der raus muss", Artikel: NBA - Das viel zu frühe Power Ranking zur Offseason: Die Baustellen aller Teams, Artikel: FC Liverpool: Van-Dijk-Verletzung? The case fell apart under scrutiny from defence lawyers, and the South Yorkshire police force eventually had to pay nearly half a million pounds in compensation to the defendants.

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