what is spirituality in psychology

Dear Larry, you paint a wonderful picture of the great potential of a spiritual way of live, and no doubt more will unfold in your subsequent posts.

This, though, would be counter-productive to the spiritual journey, where love, acceptance and freedom from anxiety are among the key elements. Religion keeps us alive, while spirituality inspires us, for spirituality (soul), there is no caste, color, creed, gender, nationality or religion. Transpersonal psychology is the study and cultivation of the highest and most transformative human values and potentials—individual, communal, and global—that reflect the mystery and interconnectedness of life, including our human journey within the cosmos. i find it confusing every one who try to explain spirituality is just going in circles without any proper explanation.i have been dead once and come back to life again.dead is wonderful no pain no bad feeling.in my experience spirituality has nothing to do with man made god.churhces have hijacked spiritualty without understanding what it is.what i had experienced with spirituality it has nothing to do with inventions like god or what ever.spirituality is a connection to havenly grid to life.every living thing on this planet is spiritualy connected and have soul,in order to live.i have seen mushrooms sprouting and lifting asphalt.of course they could not lift asphalt,without energy once connection of new life been established.problem with church and science no one has the guts to say ,yes it is a mystery,and we do not know.what i have learned and achieved dont lie to your self,your mind will be at peace,and you will find limited answers of truth.i do not trust man and i do not trust man made products.man made products are faulty to generate income and religion is one of thise faulty products as well.one of my fanaticaly religious friend once said to me god is not what people think in image of man.he said god is energy.this was best i ever heard from any men not only religious ones.and this energy will always be a mistery to us.i do not suscribe to human way of thinking that what ever performs well and makes abundance in profit and life must have CEO or manager.

If you want to know more about spirituality meaning in hindi.

Much less acknowledged is the profound emotional and spiritual malaise people are experiencing.

The Surprising Power of Seeking a Daily Dose of Awe, A Meditation on Time and Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Jewish New Year, Are We All Zombies? A sense of fascination, of mystery, awe and delight, are facets of adult spirituality too. Religion keeps us alive, while spirituality inspires us, for spirituality (soul), there is no caste, color, creed, gender, nationality or religion. The secret to finding meaning in life may be not to look for it. On the other end, many contemporary spiritual traditions view the psyche as an unreal construct and believe that psychological work is an indulgent reinforcement of the story …

So, if you are interested in psychology and want to see how this branch of science can be explored in combination with our spiritual journey’s, this article will answer any questions you may have.

The Brain: We No Longer Need to Take a Side, Why We Wake Up in the Middle of the Night (and Why It's OK), I Ching: Intentional Meaningful Coincidences. In this ‘self/non-self', ‘either/or', ‘right or wrong' vision of the universe, opposing features are emphasized: either young or old, for example, not both at the same time.

You need good guides and the encouragement of trusted friends on the way.

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