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During periods of ice breakup, polar bears frequently swim between floating ice islands.
Biologist Nick Lunn falsely claimed in 2018 that no triplet litters had been born in Western Hudson Bay since 1996 – a correction made later claimed Lunn meant there hasn’t been any triplet litters seen in the fall, which was also not true in 2017 or in 2020: Compare weekly stats above for this year to a few previous years at the second week in September: Comments Off on Churchill problem polar bear report for week 3 and a triplet litter of cubs spotted, Posted in Life History, Polar bear attacks, Tagged Alert Program, Churchill, litter size, polar bear, problem, triplets, Comments Off on Attenborough’s new attempt to scare people about polar bear extinction and walrus deaths. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We welcome all media inquiries. There are suggestions that before mid-century we could have a nearly ice-free Arctic in the summer. Most polar bears occur north of the Arctic Circle to the North Pole. When the cubs are born, they are completely dependent on their mother. Learn more amazing facts about these amazing creatures with National Geographic Kids.

Priorities for climate-informed polar bear conservation should include identifying and protecting the “last ice areas,” the parts of the Arctic that are projected to retain sea ice farthest into the future. President and CEO Collin O’Mara reveals in a TEDx Talk why it is essential to connect our children and future generations with wildlife and the outdoors—and how doing so is good for our health, economy, and environment. Polar bears are excellent swimmers, and they travel long distances between shore and the sea ice if necessary. Ice melts earlier and re-forms later than it has in the past. As suggested by its specific scientific name (Ursus maritimus), the polar bear is actually a marine mammal that spends far more time at sea than it does on land. media@pbears.org This was a very proud moment for everyone at Sea World and we saw a more maternal side of Liya who was a wonderful first-time mother to cub Henry teaching him all the vital life skills he needed as a young polar bear cub. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. During that time she will protect them and teach them how to hunt. See details of this incident below, as screen caps; entire original in English at Polar Journal.

Join Jon's mailing list. Polar bear viewing in Churchill will be very different this year due to the pandemic. Exposure: the extent of climatic change and variation that the species encounters and is projected to encounter. Continue reading. Two photos below from Svalbard: of a bear that climbed onboard a boat moored offshore in 2019 while its occupants had lunch on the beach (damaging the hydraulic steering, vinyl seats, heating system, canopy, and an inflatable raft), and of a cabin ransacked by a polar bear in 2017 after it ripped the door off its hinges. Act now to effect change. Most adults die before they reach 25 years. However, if a storm kicks up during these increasingly long swims (caused by the warming ocean), they can drown. They can be found wild in Canada because global warming is causing ice caps to melt therefore forcing polar bears into grizzly habitat. Polar bears primarily eat seals. Pregnant female polar bears must den so that their tiny newborn cubs are born in a warm protected environment; dens can be 38 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the outside temperature. As a result, the Hudson Bay population is down more than 20 percent. Worse, the last remaining sea ice is over deep and unproductive waters that yield less prey. The reduction in ice platforms near productive areas for the fish eaten by seals is affecting the seals' nutritional status and reproduction rates. Population sizes are decreasing: In southern portions of their range around Hudson Bay, Canada, there is no sea ice during the summer, and the polar bears must live on land until the bay freezes in the fall, when they can again hunt on the ice.

The polar bear's footpads have a kind of “non-slip” surface, allowing them to get traction on slippery ice. The exception to this is pregnant adult females. Polar bears tend to live solitary lives except when mating, when a female raising her cubs forms a family group, or when many bears are attracted to a food source like a beached whale. Polar bears are the largest terrestrial predator on the planet, with large males standing more than 11 feet (3.3 meters) tall on their hind legs and reaching weights over 1,700 pounds (770 kilograms). In the Hudson Bay population, where the reproductive biology of polar bears has been most extensively studied, it appears that a polar bear female carrying a blastocyst must achieve a body weight of at least 490 pounds to have the blastocyst implant and start gestation.

© 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- In addition, the interval between successful litters is growing. This is especially important while swimming and during the frigid Arctic winter. Search, discover, and learn about wildlife.
A just-released report on the latest count for the Alaska portion of the Southern Beaufort subpopulation reveals that numbers have been stable since 2010 despite claims the population has continued to decline. evidence) become available – which of course is the entire point of my latest book, The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened. Hear what people had to say: The National Wildlife Federation is providing resources to help families and caregivers across the country provide meaningful educational opportunities and safe outdoor experiences for children during these incredibly difficult times. The time of exit from dens occurs between late February and April. After each summer, the trend seen in the Arctic is for sea ice to be farther from shore, making it necessary for polar bears to swim increasingly long distances from shore to reach the ice. #polarbearcam #arcticinspiration. Bears can weigh about 50 percent more after a successful hunting season than they do at the start of the next; most of this additional weight is accumulated fat. Also, note that a mother with a litter of triplets spotted along the coast of Wapusk National Park (just east and south of Churchill) in good condition, 15 September 2020 (see photo below). Align his inner tube with the arrows on each icy lane and watch him plunge headfirst into pins. As always, if you’d like to see this paper, use the ‘contact me’ page to request a copy (it’s paywalled). Young polar bears spending the summer ashore on the Hudson Bay coast will frequently play with each other, most commonly with their siblings. Polar bears are the largest carnivorous land mammals on Earth. During off hours, enjoy highlights! The period of actual gestation following implantation is only about 60 days. Your actions today will help prevent potentially catastrophic changes from taking place—not only helping polar bears, but also preserving the climate that has allowed humans to flourish.

Healthy polar bear male at Kaktovik, Alaska on the Southern Beaufort Sea, September 2019, Ed Boudreau photo, with permission. The larger gap of open water between the ice and land also contributes to rougher wave conditions, making the bears’ swim from shore to sea ice more hazardous.

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