the freshman movie review

So far it's number one with me and I know I'm not alone.
Generally, on my own, I would never pick to watch an older movie, so I am very happy this class has made me because I am pleasantly surprised. |, October 8, 2020 This film works on every level- romantic comedy, comic farce, and madcap adventure. Seriously, this movie is hugely affecting. If he MISSES this tiny target, it's an embarrassing nightmare.

But why zoom in on one relatively insignificant piece of Brando schtick when you have his whole performance to salivate over, and the equally outstanding performances of the entire cast. Just confirm how you got your ticket. Rollickingly funny comedy with film school freshman (Broderick at his blithering best) put upon by con man Kirby by being offered a gopher job for a dead ringer of Don Corleone (Brando, in an inspired send up of his icon role and clearly enjoying every minute) involving an endangered species restaurant! 6 people found this helpful.

Written and directed by Andrew Bergman. He does it with such obvious relish but, at the same time, he IS Marlon Brando, the greatest actor Hollywood ever produced, and his character has all the regal gravitas that he brought to bear so effectively in "The Godfather". "Remember when it was sent over here to tour all of the museums?" Many situations don't pay off at all. Don't have an account? Harold Lloyd is his awkward, lovable self in 'The Freshman', where he goes off to college seeking popularity. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Directed by Andrew Bergman. Yes, Bert Parks does stand out in his cameo performance, as does B.D. "It never went back." He finds out differently once he arrives on campus and soon becomes the campus laughing-stock, so he tries to make the football team and prove everybody wrong. Some of the cameos are absolutely inspired.
Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. | | It's the kind of material that could easily fly apart into silliness, yet Brando and Broderick help the director to keep it anchored in a certain emotional reality, which is always the source of the richest comedy.

He tries out for football but is relegated to replace the tackling dummy. This movie is a good film. But The Freshman is no copycat comedy. Buoyed by the charm of Matthew Broderick in the title role and Marlon Brando as a caricature of his Godfather persona, The Freshman benefits from solid casting, a clever premise, and sweet humor.

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