timber rattlesnake bite pictures

BMC genomics, 14(1), 394.

Timber rattlesnakes are ambush predators that prey on rodents (mice and rats), rabbits, frogs, and even birds, The snake may be identified by its broad head, heavy body, which may be of differing coloration, ranging from gray-black, brown-yellow, yellow-cream, or gray-brown (depending on the geographical location it is observed at), and a large segmented rattle. I'm sure he wishes the rattlesnake would've stayed in the bush and not under the pallet he was trying to move. The beekeeper's hand got two rattlesnake bites for the price of one.

Due to this, it is always recommended to consult your local (zoological) expert to understand or evaluate the nature of the snake, including whether it is venomous or non-venomous, In some cases, the snake bite may be a ‘dry bite’, meaning that even though there is a bite mark, no venom injection occurs. The prognosis of Timber Rattlesnake Bite with prompt and effective therapy is usually good, Timber Rattlesnake Bite may occur to any individual exposed to the snake, particularly in its natural habitat, Individuals of any age and gender are prone to snake bites. The Nurse Practitioner, 38(7), 13-22. When a timber rattlesnake bites down, its fangs inject a powerful venom into its victim.

This skin was taken from my thigh. This is my arm during the 2nd surgery, 36 hours after the bite. The skin graft in the palm was taken from my inner thigh/groin area. The first bite got him on the index finger, which is not easy to see in this picture. The risk factors for Timber Rattlesnake Bite include the following factors: It is important to note that having a risk factor does not mean that one will get the condition. In the emergency department he got antivenin, pain medication and muscle relaxers. When this northern California beekeeper tending his hives felt a "sting," he assumed it to be a bee—pretty common in his line of work. It was 25 inches long, but that doesn't really tell us the age. Warrell, D. A. This is a picture of my arm taken in April 2004, 22 months after the bite and 15 months after the vascular flap was performed at Duke. This is my arm during the 9th surgery, on Day 26. Failure to obtain early assessment and management from the highest level of care (available within the community) may potentially result in severe complications and death. If it delays getting to the hospital to get a picture (or get the snake) then skip it altogether. (2011). He and the rattlesnake ended up in the hospital. My Rattlesnake Bite Photos. Click on any photo to see it at a larger size. In some, internal hemorrhaging including: Mucosal bleeding - from nose, ears, eye, gastrointestinal tract, etc.

From 11:43 to 12:43, the streak traveled approximately 2 inches. This is my hand, also in December 2002 after 5 months. America's Snake: The Rise and Fall of the Timber Rattlesnake.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me. Identification isn't as important as getting treatment quickly. Thus, any contact with a rattlesnake merits immediate medical attention, Severe anxiety may also result in some misleading symptoms of snakebites, such as sweating, fatigue, and shock, even when no bite has taken place (the individual may be imagining), or when it is a dry bite. There's also a myth that rattlesnake ages can be determined by the number of rattles, but rattles break off.

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