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I bring this up because…… Thanks Dex! So casting an eye over the guts of the team is critical. }); Published by Jock on 06/05/201506/05/2015. The only concern is that in the past he often has these purple patches of 7 or 8 brilliant games and then drops off. Reason being I believe he will be a top 6 FWD this year but I do not believe Heppel will be a top 8 MID, Goddard, But if you feel like Heppel is better Go for it, Trust your Gut. If Rockliff/Beams are out this week, surely that warrants holding onto Rich for another week at least. People keep knocking me over in leagues when he goes big. I suspect it is an urge I will grapple with for most of the summer. I do not suppose I’ve truly read through a single thing like Rucks – Goldstein / Maric / Cox Grab a JR t-shirt in your team colours here: Check out Trigga’s latest song here! #BBL10 #SuperCoach #BBL, A future Hawk, a pair of talented Tasmanians and a young gun set to feature in stacks of KFC #SuperCoach teams in 2021.

Really keen to see how the Power guts shapes up next yr, especially with the emerging guys like Wines and Hartlett. Get the ultimate AFL experience on your phone with the FOX FOOTY App. To Read more…. I concur with your logic on Pendles. ga('send', 'pageview');

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DPP is positive with Goddard. Wondering if I should dump him??? Travis Boak of the Power during a Port Adelaide Power AFL training session at Alberton Oval in Adelaide, Thursday, June 18, 2020. I also have Goldy. Surely, those numbers are good enough for an M7-8 player – as I expect Boak to be. Better off going with JPK at this price, better average and more consistent. Boak to either injure himself or average 60's now. Sheed -> Pendles

CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF OUR SUPERCOACH 2015 PLAYER PREVIEWS, BECOME A JOCK MEMBER – EXTENDED LENGTH MONTHLY PODCASTS, A Supercoach Season In Review (#BRAYSHAWBREAKOUT), High ceiling – when Boak goes big, he goes very big. Considering a "Cheaper" premium starting line-up – this will allow me to load up more in the DEF and FWD lines….

Hey Dex I love Boak, but Hannebery is only $30,000 more but but averaging 20 more points. Here is the million dollar/double barreled question this week.

I believe Barlow is better value if your looking to upgrade your midfield, Agree, Tom., Averages in wins at the Dockers this season. a.async = 1; AFL Statistics Home: ... Supercoach Price: $462,600 Supercoach Profile. Priddis came home very strong last year, I expect him to do the same and will be getting him in around the byes. Pendles and Goddard are proven. }); Well; if you traded in Seedsman, all isn’t lost – he did score a 93 – although my “curse” seems to be in full swing. Can’t handle the tag and puts up too many stinker scores. Fair enough SCaddict, I already have JPK, but was looking closely at Mundy who's never really been on my radar before. Changing of the guard? Option 2 or 3 for mine Mate. Has anyone noticed Mitch Golby? Looking over his past two completed seasons, we see his numbers stay relatively steady.

You’re so cool! I was very happy as I did most of me work Overseas and where I was…. I always look for POD as I carried Del Santos the year. I like it. The main thing that sticks out for me is your research showing he goes larger in bigger games, with Ports high finish there will be more of them by construct of the fixture, therefore he should go bigger more often. If you don't do this trade and you still have 6 playing defenders though hold off until next week. Just want to hear your thoughts on these trades If he could iron those out of his game then he'd be an excellent guy to get in, but i'm not sure he'll be in my team at this stage. Michael Walters 100 That's right, just 9⃣ days until KFC #SuperCoach BBL is back! I like the thrill of taking calculate risks. body.custom-background { background-color: #ffffff; } Triple X SC exchanges, my man. body.custom-background { background-color: #ffffff; } ga('send', 'pageview'); Thanks again Chicko. Every match of every round.

314,000 with an average of 90. Have been looking at Dylan Shiel since round 1. Throttle that type of dirty contrarian talk has me high on the arousal curve, luckily this is a M rated time slot with no kiddies on line.

You can comfortably assume that Travis Boak will play every match of the season, and therefore every match for your supercoach side if you pick him. He is on the watchlist for the Chumps, but you can count on one thing for certain, he will be ahead of Murphy and Cotchin when it comes to settling on the midfield lineup. enable_page_level_ads: true For the last three seasons his SuperCoach scoring ability has been consistently on the rise, from 80.1 points per game in 2016 to 91.1 the following year and then 96.3 in 2018.

Treloar or Rich for Pendels??? Trade McIntosh to Enright/Birchall or just hold and wait?? If Crouch can get an uninterrupted run at it then the kid could be anything. Even his clanger numbers are similar. Sit tight for another week on K Mac! But it woulld be a line almost locked away. Verdict – watch at this stage, could prove decent value and has a very high ceiling., Averages in wins at the Dockers this season. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Slight doubt about boak is his scores this year have come with wines out. Who do people believe is the best option. It was more of a point to those trading him out for the sake of an upgrade, when he'd more than likely pull a premium score than a shit one. Chomping at the bit to start fleshing it all out with ya. Especially those with(out) Lewis/Hodge. I'm a fan of being a contrarian, it works in investment markets, perhaps it can also work in the world of Supercoach. I'd pay an extra 100k to get Pendles over the other two, 40k is a bargain! I’m still split.

So why aren’t we in the Travis Boak? Expectation. Seriously considering changing my Salem-Goddard to a Salem-Boak. Although the three you have named have relatively low breakevens, id say wait a week. As you say, I suspect you will change your team precisely 1,726 times before settling on your original combination. a.src = g; Salem to premo a = s.createElement(o), TG no Pendles or Gaz. Dang, I was hoping you'd undersell him. More research required on the advice of Keyboard and Next G device, Off to the fridge once again ….Bugger!!!!! Andrew Brayshaw 121 Boak sounds like the perfect player for end of season if Port was pushing for finals, top 4 or top 2. Great pick! m = s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];

Here is the one stat that has me thinking the most, in 2014, Boak played 10 games against Top 8 sides and averaged 121 in these games.

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At the start of Port's 2019 pre-season, Boak stepped aside as captain after six years in the role. Contract Status: UFA at the end of 2020 AFL Player Contracts. Travis Boak is a veteran of the competition. My biggest flaw last season, and I'm not blowing smoke up ass here, was not running by options through the community. And they didn’t disappoint! Is still dirt cheap at $530k due to one poor round, but last chance to grab him before he skyrockets. If Rockliff and Beams (not forgetting Hanley also) are out, who else is getting tagged this week besides Rich? ga('create', 'UA-142592608-1', 'auto'); Also I had a look at the pre season article about boak on this site and the main concern about him was he did not score as well against the weaker teams.

Surely, this weeks’ candidate has a better run. This is good for the game and this is good for our Supercoach teams. Don't be afraid to be different! Nat Fyfe 106 a = s.createElement(o), If NVB is currently on your bench who will you bench to put Pendle onfield?

Lekdog, Patch and Damo reunite for the #BrayshawBreakout pod! I feel like he is to much now and your would be buying him at a peak, but trust your gut!, if you like him go for him. I think Higgo has been thinking about running with a 7-3 mid structure. I can afford all, and potentially all will be top 10 midfielders this year, Pendles is safest but most costly, and it seems the cheaper they are the more risk involved as they could finish lower in the top midfielder stakes. enable_page_level_ads: true Changing of the guard? I was thinking the same thing at this time last year. The toughest task awaits the former Saint and Sun, with the now Eagle set to take on Brodie Grundy in the Grand Final rematch in Round 3. Playing for Port Adelaide, Travis Boak has had a long career and is now a leader at the club. Live & anytime on your TV or favourite device. #SuperCoach #BBL, Can anyone say blowout? Supercoach Finals, on the other hand, he's always picked for reasons you mentioned. I’d get him but I’d be to Freo heavy with Fyfe and Neale already. Down the other path was the Power, who at that stage were lower than Rex Hunt’s shark droppings – no crowds, no money, no coach, no passion…and yet Boaksaid get stuffed to the Cats and stayed to help turn the Power around. Travis Boak of the Power has gone back into the middle and is all of a sudden a solid SuperCoach investment in 2019, Ben Cunnington of the Kangaroos is in few SuperCoach sides in 2019, but those that have him love him, Tom Hickey of the Eagles was enormous in Round 2, scoring a huge SuperCoach score, Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. Hold as he will come good have faith y waste a trade on a fallen primo , on the other hand salem was only ever a cash cow and pendles is a must he has fallen this week to a point that he wont be getting any cheaper untill after the bye period making him your last upgrade with a break even of 103 he will hit and his prices will rise this week looking at your team i see.plenty of cash generation in your team so i advice you trade salem up to goddard as he will only be going up from this week and thats it no more trades next would be a down grade upgrade week to jpk as your next target hope this helps. Sensational analysis of everything you need to know about Boak.

I look fwd to sharing thoughts my good brother. Rocky & Ablett have missed too many games to be Top 10 by total score. There are some v.low BEs there, but also plenty of risk for mine. My only concern on Boak is against lesser teams, but I would rather have a contested ball machine in my mids than an outside player. I will not be selecting Pendles or GAJ in my team next year.

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