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To read the first hundred-odd pages is to find yourself in a vividly depicted, but ultimately fairly straightforward tale of teenage turbulence... Choi’s prose is damp with tears and sweat, bruised with hurt and lust, sprinkled with sugar, salt and e-numbers. Trust Exercise Reviews. In Choi’s novel, all the characters want from adults is what they so rarely get: competency and decency. Trust Exercise is published by Serpent’s Tail (£14.99). Given the nature of their education, these teenagers are even more histrionic than most. This relationship unfolds under the watchful eye of Mr. Kingsley, the school’s twinkling and iconoclastic gay theater teacher. [ Trust Exercise” won the 2019 National Book Award for fiction. The entire structure of the novel folds in on itself like a piece of origami, and what emerges is something sharp-edged and prickly: a narrative propelled by white-hot rage and the desire for revenge... To employ Trust Exercise as a #MeToo novel would be to do this challenging, mercurial work a disservice. Trust Exercise. We knew what we were doing. Free UK p&p over £15, online orders only. Read more about the other winners. Enclosing his students in a rarefied bubble where performance is everything, Mr Kingsley initiates them into a dangerous game that blurs the boundary between teacher and students. In the end, it’s about cruelty. Category: General ... To employ Trust Exercise as a #MeToo novel would be to do this challenging, mercurial work a disservice. She becomes a semi-outcast.

“Trust Exercise” is set at a performing arts high school in a large Southern city (it appears to be Houston), yet it is hardly a chicken-fried “Fame.”, [ “Trust Exercise” won the 2019 National Book Award for fiction. The suspense builds gradually. The plot fast-forwards about 15 years. Susan Choi’s fifth novel is such a book and while it remains unbattered, having made its way safely from my armchair to my shelves, I’m not convinced that it succeeds in its valiant efforts... It’s a bold and original way to create a work of fiction but it’s difficult not to feel cheated by the result. They knew what they were doing! Choi gets the details right: the mix tapes, the perms, the smokers’ courtyards, the “Cats” sweatshirts, the clove cigarettes, the ballet flats worn with jeans, the screenings of “Rocky Horror,” the clinking bottles of Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers. So does one of Sarah’s key friendships. Perhaps the title itself is meant in an ironic sense but reading a novel is a sort of trust exercise in itself, the trust that the reader has in the writer to convince us that something that never happened actually did, and when our faith in the story is betrayed, the novel itself becomes damaged. “Trust Exercise” begins as a love story. They want them to grow the hell up. (F. Murray Abraham would play him in a movie.) Trust Exercise: A Review. Although it resonates with the contemporary moment, its genesis clearly lies in Choi’s back catalogue. Choi writes about teenage obsession well, capturing the mayfly life span of young friendships and alliances. It’s the lesson failed by the abuser of power, the lesson the novel at its richest takes it on itself to parse. Choi’s new novel, her fifth, is titled “Trust Exercise,” and it burns more brightly than anything she’s yet written. Hormones practically drip off the page... Then, suddenly and without warning, Choi executes a bravura bait-and-switch, after which everything changes. It is about at this point that Choi pulls the tablecloth out from under “Trust Exercise.” The cutlery and the glasses remain, warily quivering. This is a novel about trust: the testing of it, the straining of it, the blowback that can ensue when trust is severed. Old humiliations are revisited. Trust Exercise’s Karen section—for want of better phrasing—is a striking piece of work, one that exposes the fictions of Sarah’s story while engineering its own. Remember what we were like?”, A woman replies, “We were children.” His scornful response: “We were never children.”. Choi does so with consummate wit, punchiness and feeling, and in the process shows how much we need our female novelists within the sea change of our current moment.

“His mouth is nothing like hers because made for hers; her first time kissing him had been the first experience of her life that had exceeded expectation.”. They did in mine, at any rate.

As readers, we invest in characters and story, agreeing to suspend our disbelief as a narrative draws us into unexpected places. Sign up to get the best reviewed books of the week delivered every Monday morning - It wants to mess with your expectations, to whip the rug from under your feet. ]. Late in this novel, a play is professionally staged, this one written by a man who has been disgraced for preying on his students. Susan Choi’s fifth book is a Russian doll of a novel: a tricky, clever and ultimately delightful set of narratives tucked inside one another in a complex take on truth and art, and the grey area in between. Here is what I will say about the second section of “Trust Exercise,” which becomes a metafictional commentary on all that has gone before.

“Seeing him for the first time, last year, she had stared with recognition at his mouth, at its unhandsome, simian quality, his lips slightly too wide for his narrow boy’s face,” Choi writes.

Yet the book is hard to fall for. It’s become fashionable in some elite fiction to suggest, as a character does in Rachel Cusk’s novel “Transit,” that “bringing up a completely undamaged child was in bad taste.” I am guilty of romanticizing messed-up childhoods myself, having had a perfectly safe and dull one.

Sarah and David are in love - the obsessive, uncertain love of teenagers on the edge of adulthood.

She catches the way certain nights, when you are in high school, seem to last for a month — long enough to sustain entire arcs of one’s life. Susan Choi’s book about a group of students takes a dramatic turn in the second half Choi attended a performing arts high school like the one she writes about, she explains in an afterword. It’s always been easy to admire Susan Choi’s novels, especially “American Woman” (2003), loosely based on the Patty Hearst kidnapping and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in fiction. Review: Susan Choi’s Trust Exercise ** spoiler alert ** Susan Choi’s Trust Exercise asks readers to abandon preconceived ideas about what a novel should be and allow three characters to share their own specific experiences that (tangentially) center on a failed high school romance.

Choi builds her novel carefully, but it is packed with wild moments of grace and fear and abandon. by Adriel M Trott on May 6, 2019 I’m curious about the current run on novels of teenage coming-of-age and how these novels … Trust Exercise review: A bold novel that might leave you feeling cheated. The themes that emerge share some links with Ariel Dorfman’s play “Death and the Maiden,” about a woman who comes to suspect that a dinner guest is the same man who tortured and raped her for weeks while she was blindfolded. Her writing about their ardor is as vivid and true as anything in Scott Spencer’s great “Endless Love” (1979), that audacious teen novel that comes with a permanent asterisk attached, reminding you not to confuse it with the damp and witless Brooke Shields movie adaptation. For the Performing Arts Students in This Novel, Drama Is a Way of Life, Susan Choi, whose most recent novel is “Trust Exercise.”. Trust Exercise was also named a best book of 2019 by The Washington She studied literature at Yale and writing at Cornell, and worked for several years as a fact-checker for The New Yorker . Perhaps this is because “Trust Exercise” is a densely imagined high school novel and, like most of her central characters, I graduated from high school in the early 1980s. To order a copy go to or call 0330 333 6846. Sarah and David’s relationship unravels. A gun is placed on a table. Trust Exercise by Susan Choi Of the many intriguing ways Choi plays with voice, perspective and nomenclature, Karen’s section is the most striking. Karen is furious. © 2020 Bookseller Media Ltd rights reserved. It’s about sophomore theater students, their souls in flux. One aspect of this kind of night tends to involve running along a roadside somewhere, searching for a pay phone. A member of the cast sets a complicated kind of ambush, not only for him but for a female friend who betrayed her. Nothing, Choi indicates somewhat laboriously, should be taken at face value, least of all the fevered stories we tell ourselves about our teenage years. During the emotionally lurid “trust exercises” he runs in class, he forces students into unwelcome catharses regarding their relationships and friendships.

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