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Chapters 1–6, - Accessed October 20, 2020. https://www.coursehero.com/lit/War-and-Peace/. Alpatych is the steward for the Bolkonsky estates. Chapters 16–19, - | Countess Natalya Ilyinichna (Natasha, Natalie; family name Rostov), most often called Natasha, is the vibrant younger daughter of the Rostovs. Chapters 1–7, - Filming & Production Iogel is a dancing master who throws annual balls for his students. Napoleon Bonaparte, sometimes called Buonaparte, is emperor of the French empire and the commander-in-chief of the invading army. Alphonse Karlovich or Karlych (Adolf) Berg, usually called Berg, is a Russian officer who marries Vera. Chapters 8–13, - Count Fyodor Vasilyevich Rastopchin served as Moscow's military governor. Chapters 9–13, - General Mack is the Austrian general who surrenders to Napoleon in Ulm. Lazarev is a Russian soldier chosen at random to receive the French Legion of Honor medal for bravery. Chapters 15–19, - Count Langeron objects to Weyrother's plan for battle at the war council before Austerlitz. Ilagin is a wealthy landowner and the Rostovs' neighbor at Otradnoe.

War and peace. This is a list of characters in Leo Tolstoy's 1869 novel War and Peace. Chapters 12–14, -

Miloradovich is a Russian general who fights in both wars against the French. War and Peace Study Guide. Chapters 20–26, - Course Hero. Maria Feodorovna is the dowager empress and mother of Tsar Alexander. Dessales is Nikolenka's (Prince Andre's son) tutor. Vereshchagin is a radical who is killed by a mob in Moscow on the eve of the French occupation. Prince Nikolai Andreevich or Andreich Bolkonsky, most often called Prince Nikolai Andreevich, is an eccentric aristocrat. Chapters 12–23, - "War and Peace Study Guide." "War and Peace Study Guide." Fyodor Ivanovich (Fedya) Dolokhov is a brave and ruthless Russian officer who fights a duel with Pierre. Katerina Petrovna is the governor's wife in Voronezh who helps arrange a reunion between Nikolai Rostov and Marya. Chapters 8–15, - Napoleon has conquered much of Europe and troops are being mobilized to defend Russia.

Weyrother is the Austrian general who draws up the plan for the Battle of Austerlitz. Chapters 7–14, - Prince Bagration is a commander in both wars, holding off the French at Schöngraben in 1805 so the army can retreat. Note that as the work was originally in Russian, some characters names are Romanized differently in different translations. War & Peace - Book 12, Chapter 14. Course Hero. Company Credits Here is a list of the main characters of War and Peace and a guide to the pronunciation of their names. Chapters 11–19, - Count Ostermann-Tolstoy recommends Nikolai Rostov for a medal for bravery. Count Willarski is the chief Mason in Petersburg who helps Pierre become initiated into the order. Chapters 1–10, - He is a modest, polite, but very strong character - A very much accurate image of Bagration (Pronounced Bag-rat-ee-ON) in real life. Anna Pavlovna (Annette) Scherer hosts a salon for the upper class in Petersburg. Did this surprise you too, and if not, how can it be that the servants are surprised by it? Upload them to earn free Course Hero access! Mikhail Nikanorytch is uncle to the Rostov children, and he offers them hospitality after the hunt. Learn the roles and relationships of the characters in War and Peace, and how they contribute to the plot. Makar Alexeich is the half-mad and alcoholic brother of Bazdeev. Course Hero. Balashov is the emissary Alexander sends to Napoleon when he first crosses the Niemen River in 1812. Tikhon is the manservant of Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky; the scout that Denison's partisans use is also named Tikhon. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Chapters 24–29, - Release Dates Davout is a French general known for his cruelty. Chapters 19–25, - 20 Oct. 2020. Chapters 8–14, - You will have to make some adjustments for the Maude translation used in the Norton edition. Dmitri Vasilevich (Mitenka) is the estate manager for the Rostovs. Chapters 26–32, - Marva Kuzminishna is the Rostovs' housekeeper. Mortemart is a French nobleman living in Russia who frequents Anna Pavlovna's soirées. Structure of War and Peace; Themes in War and Peace; Technical Devices Used in War and Peace; Study Help; Quiz; Essay Questions; Cite this Literature Note; Summary and Analysis Book II: Chapters 1–8 Summary. Prince Anatole Vassilievich Kuragin is the promiscuous and amoral younger son of Vassily Kuragin. Chapters 1–5, - Retrieved October 20, 2020, from https://www.coursehero.com/lit/War-and-Peace/.

Prince Ippolit Vassilievich (Hippolyte) Kuragin is Vassily Kuragin's empty-headed elder son. Prince Nikolai Andreevich (Nikolushka, Nikolenka, Coco Bolkonsky), most often called Nikolenka, is the son of Prince Andrei. Prince Boris (Borya, Borenka) Drubetskoy, most often called Boris, is a shameless social climber and son of Anna Mikhailovna. Mrs. Malvintsev (Anna Ignatyevna) is Marya's maternal aunt who lives in Voronezh. September 29, 2016. Chapters 6–12, - War and Peace: Character Profiles Alexander I: The Emperor of Russia appears infrequently, but is often referred to by several characters in patriotic terms. Count Nikolai Ilyich (Nikolushka, Nikolenka, Nikolashka, Kolya, Nicolas, Coco) Rostov, most often called Nikolai or Rostov, is the passionate son of the Rostovs. Marya Dmitrievna Akhrosimov is an outspoken woman, and she is good friends with the Rostovs. Murat is a French general and Napoleon's brother-in-law who fights in both wars. General Mikhail Ilarionovich Kutuzov is the field marshal (commander-in-chief) of the Russian forces in both wars against the French. Princess Katerina Semyonovna, most often called Catiche, is old Count Bezukhov's niece. As an adjutant in Kutuzov's suite, Prince Andrey is lighthearted and stimulated by his work. Download a PDF to print or study offline. Vassily Dmitrich (Vaska) Denisov is an officer in the cavalry and Nikolai Rostov's best friend. General Dokhturov is an effective leader in both wars against the French. Complete List of Characters in Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. | Chapters 1–12. Princess Marya Nikolaevna (Masha, Mashenka, Marie; family name Bolkonsky), most often called Marya or Princess Marya, is the daughter of Prince Nikolai. Chapters 1–11, - | Course Hero, "War and Peace Study Guide," September 29, 2016, accessed October 20, 2020, https://www.coursehero.com/lit/War-and-Peace/. Anatole Kuragin: Anatole is the son of Prince Vasili and is rumoured to have had a close relationship with his sister, H'l'ne.

Nikolai sees him while in the army and is overwhelmed with patriotic feeling.

Count Arakcheev is Tsar Alexander's minister of war. Princess Anna Mikhailovna Drubetskoy is an impoverished aristocrat who uses influence to help her son get ahead. Prince Nesvitsky goes back to tell the hussars they must blow up the bridge at Enns. Chapters 33–39, - Julie Karagin is Marya's friend who later becomes a wealthy heiress. Count Kirill Vladimirovich Bezukhov, most often called Count Bezukhov, is a rich man and father of Pierre. War & Peace (TV Mini-Series 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Emperor Franz is the emperor of Austria in 1805. Princess Eléna Vassílievna (Lélya, Hélène) Kuragin, most often called Hélène, is the promiscuous and amoral daughter of Vassily Kuragin. Speransky is Tsar Alexander's chief counselor on matters of state. Amalia Evgenievna (Amelie, Bourrienka) Bourienne, usually called Mlle Bourienne, is Marya's lady's companion. Karp is an insubordinate serf at Bogucharovo during the evacuation to Moscow.

Chapters 16–23, - Chapters 1–4, - - Dron is the headman of the peasants (serfs) at Bogucharovo. Course Hero. He is offered to Princess Marya as a marriage prospect and also attempts to seduce Natasha, which leads to her breaking her engagement to Andrei. Ramballe is a French officer whose life is saved by Pierre. Chapters 6–14, - Chapters 14–16, - Marya Bogdanovna is the midwife in attendance when Andrei's wife is in labor. Tsar Alexander I is the emperor of Russia. Chapters 9–14, - Count Pyotr Kirillovich or Kirilych Bezukhov, most often called Pierre, is the primary hero of the story who is riddled with human frailties.

Mikhail Ivanovich is Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky's architect. Platon Karataev is a saintly foot soldier who helps Pierre cope with captivity.

Countess Vera Ilyinichna (Verushka, Verochka; family name Rostov), most often called Vera, is the elder daughter of the Rostovs.

Captain Tushin directs the artillery battery at Schöngraben and bravely holds off the French.

Archduke Ferdinand is commander-in-chief of the Austrian forces in the war against Napoleon in 1805. War & Peace Characters Print Email Details Category: Senior Seminar.

Have study documents to share about War and Peace? The … Count Orlov-Denisov is the only commander who gets to his appointed place at the right time at the Battle of Tarutino. Barclay de Tolly is a Russian general who calls the retreat at Smolensk. Chapters 5–8, - Sofya Alexandrovna (Sonya, Sophie), most often called Sonya, is an orphaned cousin of the Rostov children. Chapters 15–22, - Countess Natalya (Natalie; family name Rostov), most often called Countess Rostov or the countess, is the matriarch of the Rostov family.

Chapters 15–20, -

Prince Andrei Nikolaevich (Andryusha, Andre) Bolkonsky, most often called Andrei or Prince Andrei, is the intellectual son of Prince Nikolai.

Official Sites This is a list of characters in Leo Tolstoy's 1869 novel War and Peace. Telyanin is an officer who steals money from Denison and then withholds supplies from his regiment. General Bennigsen is Kutuzov's chief of staff, who works to undermine him. . Course Hero, Inc. As a reminder, you may only use Course Hero content for your own personal use and may not copy, distribute, or otherwise exploit it for any other purpose. General Raevsky's artillery battery was the most strategic position at the Battle of Borodino.

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