what do rabbits eat

His entire digestive system is different. Fruits are best used as incentives for training.

However, there are a number of health benefits of eating hay, here are they! After all, your furry friends’ life depends on it.

Another point to keep in mind is that hay is not only the primary item of your pet’s diet, but the bulk of it.

Here are some others: When feeding your rabbit, make sure you do not feed him any seeds or pits when offering fruit. Hard pellets are composed of final waste product after reingestion which are hay-like fragments of stalk and plant cuticle. When possible, try to purchase whole, fresh, organic fruits that are free of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms used in plant production). As it is with vegetables, be sure that all fruits are thoroughly washed prior to feeding them to your bunny. If what you have is not listed here, we firmly suggest that you further research that item before allowing your bunny to be in contact with it. Buy it from a trusted seller or find something in the nature, so you can be certain it doesn’t contain harmful paints, varnishes etc, See safe foods and treats in the Rabbit Food section. After all, bunnies can not live by carrots, alone. When we say vegetables, we mean dark leafy greens, the sort you didn’t like as a kid.

Hay is a good source of fiber and rabbits need fiber to keep their digestive system well. You should, however, limit fruits being given to them to once or twice a week, in small amounts. When you fill it with fresh water, quickly give it a rinse, so any dust and dirt from the last day is washed out. Rabbits are unconventional pets, to the point that most people need to find a vet that treats “exotic” animals for their bunny.

Required fields are marked *. As alway though, remember to wash all of those fresh veggies before feeding them, and a good rule of thumb that a good-sized handful or two, can be provided as frequently as a daily staple. This will help your bunny to be as healthy as possible. Welcome to the main section of this article.

This page contains affiliate links. From the category “do not” this cottontail was kept for 7 months, in a pet carrier, fed lettuce, and carrots. If you’ve ever owned a cat or a dog, you’ll have noticed that they have a penchant for destroying furniture. So, for the sake of argument, the advice we, at RabbitPedia, offer is that its simply your own judgment-call on whether or not you do decide to allow your rabbit to eat watermelon. While pellets and fruits aren’t strictly necessary all the time, the others more or less are. Additionally, pay attention to the amount of dust and fines that are present in the bag, as this dust can cause respiratory issues. It’s best to be safe, rather than sorry, and your pal will greatly appreciate it.

Doing so could cause your bunny to have stomach problems and may even cause him/her to go into shock.

Rabbits do not actively look for insects to eat.

Rabbit Breeds A-Z Water bottles should also be rinsed and refilled daily, and washed with soap weekly.

Don’t even touch them.

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