who plays lena in coronation street

[39] Nina is introduced as the long-lost niece of established character Roy Cropper (David Neilson), who is eventually forced to live with him following the death of her father Richard (Paul Bown).

[21] He is close to his mother and is described as "the apple of Aggie's eye". In February 2020, Aggie is at the forefront with her family as James finally comes out to Ed and on top of that, reveals that he has been having a secret relationship with Danny, a longtime friend of Ed's. It is soon revealed that Aggie has known about James' sexuality for years, due to her maternal nature and motherly instincts. You can give the actor a follow @garpierce where he has just over 640 followers at the time of writing.

[5], The character is reintroduced in March 2019 when she arrives at Nick and David's barbers for a job. Richard Martin-Roberts/Getty Images There’s a new addition to the cast of Coronation Street. Characters played by more than one actor are indicated by a # sign. Community content is available under. [21] Graham explained that Ed is "living his life" through his son since he wanted to be a footballer as a child.

[25] Writers also gave the character a love interest as an opportunity to explore his personality. [21] Michael is introduced as a member of the Bailey family, consisting of brothers Michael and James Bailey (Nathan Graham), and their parents, Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) and Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw). [28], Aggie is in her 50s and is a pharmacy assistant.

Have something to tell us about this article? The ITV soap has confirmed that Gareth Pierce will star as Todd Grimshaw. She is alerted by Derek to the fact that Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) has been accidentally shot by him. They observed that both characters are builders fixing a roof and love interests for "acerbic blondes". The list below is of all characters who are currently part of the regular cast of Coronation Street and the actors who play them, in order of the character's first appearance in the show. [21] The family are introduced when they move into 3 Coronation Street and purchase the local construction yard. [21], James is 19 years old and the youngest member of the Bailey family. [4] Writers placed Natalie in a new storyline as she develops a crush on David, who is engaged to Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding), after he gives her an opportunity in the barbers. [25], James is the first member of the Bailey family to be introduced. [29] Hazlegrove expressed her delight at her casting and recalled how she began her acting career on Coronation Street, having portrayed Sue Clayton in 1985. [23] MacLeod called James "a fundamentally decent guy".

[20] When James and two friends refuse to pay their taxi fare, Steve chases them with a baseball bat.
[29] The character and Hazlegrove's casting details were announced on 1 May 2019. After Derek gets distracted, Aggie and James rush to help Robert, in which Aggie rings for an ambulance and tries to save Robert's life. [26] MacLeod also revealed that James would face an initial negative response to his sexuality from some members of his family, but they soon warm to the idea. Robert soon dies from an undetected heart attack in hospital, which leaves Aggie feeling guilty as she felt she could have done more to help save his life. The ITV soap has confirmed that Gareth Pierce will star as Todd Grimshaw.

Sian Reeves joins the cast", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Coronation_Street_characters_(2019)&oldid=983534275#Bernie_Winter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [18] The character and Porojnicu's casting details were announced on 1 March 2019. [22] Producer Iain MacLeod called the family "funny, warm and will pull together through thick and thin" and expressed his joy at their castings, adding that the actors work well together. The Baileys soon reluctantly decide to attend the relaunch of the Bistro, where Don continues to make comments at the Bailey family. Did Nick Tilsley hire her to steal Audrey Roberts' money? The concept of the characters was announced in May 2019.

[17] Series producer Iain MacLeod wanted to highlight that "slavery hides in plain sight" since the topic is "one of the biggest hidden scandals in the UK today". [21] The family are the first black family to appear on the soap since 2013. Aggie is delighted when Ed and James make amends with each other. A show spokesperson told Inside Soap that the quadruplets' introduction would spark the exposure of "a more vulnerable side to Gemma", adding, "Typically, Gemma and Chesney have very different ideas on parenting, so how will the pair cope with the new four arrivals? Dan Seddon of entertainment website Digital Spy liked the combination and looked forward to seeing it onscreen. He added that to Ed, James is "the golden child". [21] The character and Georges' casting details were announced on 6 April 2019. [33][34] After Kel's actions are exposed, Bernie reports him to the police.

[29] She is first mentioned in April 2019 when Bernie fails to support Gemma after she plans to leave Weatherfield, the show's fictional setting. The character is billed as a "cheeky-chappy" who is confident, "endlessly optimistic" and "fiercely protective" of James. Aggie stands by Ed, recongising the generational gap between them and their children in terms of experiences of racism. In September 2019, Aggie decides to host a surprise birthday party for Ed to celebrate and manages to get several of the Street's residents involved and the surprise leaves Ed delighted. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A heartbroken Aggie could not believe that Ed had deceived her and their family in such a way, which caused her to walk out and not come home that night. Who plays Nina in Coronation Street?
The character is billed as "a no nonsense kind of bloke who has made his own way in life". One of Ken Barlow's ex-pupils, she persuaded Ken that the appointment should be a live-in position at 1 Coronation Street. [21] Laidlaw contrasted Aggie's characteristics with that of Mrs Tembe, opining that they are very different and "on the other end of the scale" to Mrs Tembe. [21] It was subsequently confirmed that James would be at the centre of an issue-led story exploring homophobia in football. Additionally, multiple other characters appear throughout the year. In January 2020, Aggie opens up to Roy about why she left nursing. [12] Malacrino signed a guest contract to appear in multiple episodes. [36], Aled, Carys, Llio and Bryn Winter-Brown are the quadruplet children of Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) and Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell). In May 2020, Ed and Michael begin to suffer racism from the Bistro's new manager, Don.

[21] The family are the first black family to appear on the soap since 2013. Kathy Betteridge, director of anti-trafficking and modern slavery, was pleased that Coronation Street was tackling the subject. The actress was concerned about transferring from one soap to another, but thought the characters varied enough.

Yes, Gareth is on Instagram! Ed is a former property developer-turned-builder who purchases the construction yard with Michael.

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